Update on the Status of This Blog

I’ve noticed that I haven’t posted here a lot, and I think I have figured out what is blocking me from doing so. So this post is primarily an attempt to remove that psychological block, by announcing a few things about the nature of this blog.

1. It should be understood that nothing I post here is necessarily “good,” whatever that means. This means, in particular:

  • Nothing I post here should be assumed to be my final word on a topic.
  • I may post things that are unpolished, simply as a way to get my thoughts out there or gather feedback.
  • My posts may or may not be well-researched and informed by the literature. I may post my thoughts on something without having read up on it thoroughly. I’m always grateful for reading suggestions if there’s something related to a topic I’ve posted about that I haven’t read, but I will not wait to post things until I have read everything under the sun that might possibly be related to it, and may even post things before reading any literature on the subject. Hopefully it will be clear by my citations which posts are well-researched and which are not.

In other words, this is a blog, not an academic journal, and I will treat it that way.[1]

2.  The purpose of this blog has changed a bit since I first created it. At that time, I was particularly interested in the constellation of topics outlined in my first post. I’m still interested in those topics, but I want to post on other things as well, and I find that having the blog framed as being about a specific range of topics is limiting. So let it be known that the blog is not limited to, or even primarily about, those topics. I’ll probably be changing the blog title soon to reflect this shift, though I haven’t decided what I’ll call it yet.

In any case, expect more frequent posts here from now on. Not going to precommit to any strict schedule at this point, but that is something I may do at a later date.

[1] All of this probably goes without saying, but I suspect that saying it anyway will go a long way towards making this blog feel like a place where I can post things unhindered by an obligation to make them “good.” I find it interesting that it seemed most helpful to phrase this in this defiant tone. It may sound here as if I’m establishing that I don’t need permission from my readers to post “bad” posts, but actually I think what’s going on is that I’m establishing that I don’t need to seek permission from some part of myself. In essence, I’m giving myself permission to Babble more and Prune less on this blog.


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